Frequently Asked Questions

Here in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section you’ll find answers to many of the questions that current and future customers seem to ask us most of often. Of course, please contact us via phone, fax or email if your need is not addressed below.

How long will my carpet remain flame-resistant?

For as long as it is usable and is regularly cleaned.

Which is more economical, upholstery fabric or leather?

It depends if you want to bear a larger cost burden up front or over the life of the seat covers. Call us or email us for a more in-depth explanation.

I have a plane that has old leather covers that need replacing. I want to change the seat covers to a new color of leather. Do I have to do a new burn test?

Unfortunately, yes. Certification by Similarity for leather dress covers is not permitted under FAA regulations. New oil burner testing must be performed, but it is not that simple. Call us to learn the latest info.

What is the best way to clean…

Call or contact us for the latest in cleaning recommendations.