Crew Seat Fabric

Spectra is pleased to offer several standard fabrics used for cockpit and crew seating on commercial airliners throughout the world.

The fabric that most airlines are familiar with is commonly known as “grey honeycomb.” We offer two versions of the fabric that are compatible with virtually any airline pilot and co-pilot seat produced by the major OEMs. Additionally, we offer a brown tweed fabric that is common to the Boeing twin-aisle fleet. These fabrics are shipped in rolls that average 45 to 50 yards in length; width is 52 – 54 inches.

To compliment these fabrics, Spectra is pleased to offer a range of “hair-on-hide” sheepskins in a wide range of colors to coordinate with the fabrics we keep in stock. These Australian and New Zealand sheepskins average nine square feet per hide.

We also offer a light-weight yet durable cockpit carpet to the industry. Made of 100% filament nylon pile, it weighs just 38 ounces per square yard, and compliments the gray honeycomb fabric beautifully. The carpet is produced in a 72-inch width, and the roll length averages around 100 feet.
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