Faux Aircraft Leather by IZIT Leather

The Optimal Choice for Commercial Airline Seating – IZIT Leather XP-A!

Are you considering refurbishing your aircraft seats with new seat covers? Do you want a product that communicates “class”? Is it important to reduce the cost of ownership of your seat covers? Is durability important to your maintenance staff? Do you want to reduce the fuel burn imposed by heavy leather seat covers? If you answered “Yes” to the majority of these questions, then IZIT Leather XP-A is the obvious selection for your airline.

The product of three years of intensive product development by IZIT’s producer Willow Tex, IZIT Leather XP-A has achieved the objective of being the premier choice for commercial airline seating applications.

Rated the Best!

In a recent exercise in which a leather research laboratory at a renowned US university conducted a comprehensive battery of performance tests on five different synthetic leathers currently offered for commercial transportation seating, IZIT Leather XP received the highest rating of the materials tested.

Patented Technology is Eco-Friendly

Not only does it out-rank the competition in performance, but IZIT Leather XP-A is eco-friendly as well. It achieves cost-efficient production through our patented Eco-Cell manufacturing process that, when compared with conventional synthetic leathers, uses up to 90% less energy, 80% less solvents, and completely eliminates waste water altogether.

Made in the USA

And there is more good news!! Willow Tex has erected the most modern synthetic leather production facility in the world in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The company is partnering with a number of regional US textile manufacturers to source all component materials for IZIT Leather, making IZIT Leather XP-A a “Made in the USA” product beginning in early 2018.

IZIT Leather XP-A Product Features
  • Genuine Appearance – many choices of grain pattern and depth
  • Superior, Supple Hand – advanced polymer technology creates a soft finish
  • Durable – exceeds 400,000 double rubs on Martindale testing
  • Lightweight – 480 gsm (14.15 oz/sy). Removes 2 lbs. per pax vs. natural leather!
  • Consistent Color – modern computerized color-match system assures consistency from lot to lot
  • Economical – US production eliminates international freight costs, import duty and lead times
  • Higher Yields – IZIT Leather XP-A’s 56 inch width offers additional yield in the cutting room
  • Easy to Maintain – cleans “on-wing” with standard cleaners. Stain block finish is available
  • Large Selection – infinite choice of colors to match any airline’s corporate identity

Contact us for a full summary of IZIT Leather XP-A specifications and to receive product swatches. Why wait? Join the airlines that have made the sound decision to switch to IZIT Leather XP-A.

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