Aircraft Threads & Webbings

Is your requirement for sewing, carpet serging, or creating other sewn products requiring flame-certified components? Spectra carries a large inventory of threads for many end uses, including:

  • Bonded nylon sewing threads in a variety of colors
  • Spun polyester overlock threads
  • Soft high-luster nylon and BCF nylon carpet serging threads

Additionally, we have in stock a large inventory of other miscellaneous seat cover and other assembly components, such as:

  • Hook and loop fastener tapes
  • Tapes and webbings
  • FR polyester fiberfill batting
  • Fireblock fabrics
  • Miscellaneous narrow fabrics
  • Other sundry textiles

These items can be useful to provide seam reinforcement, closure assemblies and other solutions to your variety of sewing requirements. In many cases, significant discounts are available for larger volume purchases of these inventory items.

Call us, or complete the inquiry link, to start the process of completing your sourcing requirements.