Aircraft Curtains and Drapes

Aircraft curtains serve three major purposes:

  • they block light in general aviation aircraft
  • they divide classes of service on commercial aircraft;
  • they create privacy areas in flight crew work areas and rest areas.

Spectra offers a range of curtain fabrics that satisfy each of these requirements.

General Aviation Aircraft Curtains tend to be short or are used in the baggage bay; thus the ability to “drape”, or to hang and then be gathered without a ‘flair’ at the bottom hem, does not factor into the fabric selection. The window curtains in these installations tend to be very short and often are attached at the top and bottom of the curtain. Fabrics of any weight can be used for this application.

Our sister company OmnAvia Interiors LLC offers a variety of fabrics suited to this application for private aircraft, business jets, and general aviation aircraft. Visit

Commercial Aircraft Curtains are generally longer (36 inches to 84 inches), are attached on sliders at the top, and are usually retracted, gathered at the middle of the curtain length, and held in place with a tie-back strap that either snaps or is closed with Velcro. The ability of this fabric to hang straight when retracted is important, for safety as well as aesthetic reasons. For this reason the fabrics tend to be lighter in weight, and the weave structure is more loosely constructed than upholstery fabrics. For aesthetic reasons, it is desirable that these curtain fabrics are reversible, having the same weave or pattern on both sides.

Spectra has flame-resistant polyester drape fabrics in stock. These woven fabrics can be washed in a commercial washing machine with no loss of fire-retardant properties, making ease-of-care an important factor in reducing the cost of ownership of curtains made with this type of fabric. Wool curtains, on the other hand, must be dry-cleaned to prevent fabric shrinkage. This expensive process adds to the maintenance costs of wool curtains.

Spectra now offers custom-printed FR polyester curtains that can offer the customer a unique design on both sides of the finished curtain. Let us show you the possibilities of this amazing new innovation in commercial aircraft curtains.

Contact us for additional information on aircraft curtains and our selection of curtain fabrics to help you complete this aspect of your aircraft interior.

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