Natural Leather Aircraft Seat Material

Leather starts out all the same. However, the skill and training of expert leather craftsmen can transform a simple animal hide into the finest leather available.

quality aircraft leather supplierSpectra Interior Products is proud to represent a European leather manufacturer that produces material that is crafted with an eye on tasteful quality, resulting in an exceptional product to be admired and treasured for years. This product is known as ‘Ambassador.’

Our tannery has such a selective grading system that most leathers classified as “mid-level” from other manufacturers only qualifies as our introductory grade level. Simply stated, ‘good’ is not good enough. While Ambassador leathers are superior in quality, they are actually quite affordable.

Fresh hides are delivered to our ISO 9001 certified tannery directly from the abattoir. After the tanning process, the hides are split into their various layers. Only the finest-graded top grains hides will become our Ambassador leathers.

Dye then introduces color to the hides. Since these dyes do not contain solids, the colors are transparent and change a hide’s color only; the hide retains all other natural characteristics. This will result in color varying over the hide based on the cell structure of the skin, enhancing the marks of distinction and natural beauty of the leather. During this step a flame retardant is added to the dye bath that imparts a permanent fire-resistant quality to the hides.

Finally, a finishing pigment coat and breathable protective layer bring Ambassador to its uniform color that will add that consistent feeling of luxury to your aircraft.

Why not select the highest value leather for your investment on your aircraft? Select Ambassador leather for your next natural leather seating requirement.