Aircraft Sheepskins

Aircraft operators all over the world prefer sheepskin seat covers as a vital part of their crew seat cover specifications. Aesthetically, sheepskins suggest a lushness that no other seat cover material can offer. Practically, sheepskin covers are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and offer moisture-absorption properties that make sitting on them very comfortable over long-haul flights.

For many years commercial airlines have combined sheepskin with gray honeycomb upholstery fabric to provide a comfortable yet durable seat cover for flight deck (captain, first officer and navigator) seating. We have at twenty different colors of sheepskin hides in stock, including four colors of gray, a dark blue and several brown and tan colors to achieve this purpose.

Our sheepskins average around 9 square feet in size, and each hide is treated to meet 14CFR 25.853(a)(I)(ii), the 12-second vertical burn requirement. Each hide is slightly different in size and shape, obviously because no two sheep are exactly the same.

We have stock of each of our twenty colors available for immediate delivery, and you will find that our pricing is very competitive with other options in the marketplace..

Take a look at our Sheepskin swatch gallery, and let us know how we can help you determine your needs for this plush, unique yet highly practical product.