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BluSky Armor™ Clear Coatings

BluSky Armor™ high-performance clear coatings are a family of very fast drying UV-cured cabinet finishes that are revolutionizing aircraft cabinet finishing specifications. BluSky Armor™ offers exceptional performance and very fast curing times result in less rework of cabinets for finish flaws, and higher profits from reduced finishing timelines. The products comply with 14CFR 25.853 for 60-second vertical burn, smoke density and toxic gas emission requirements.

Improved performance is achieved through the unique cross-linked polymer chemistry of the  BluSky Armor™ acrylate formulation. The finish provides superior resistance to abrasion and solvents, and offers excellent clarity and hardness. It has exceptional finish adhesion to wood and wood veneer, composites and painted surfaces, offers much-desired flexibility/elongation properties and it is highly resistant to yellowing, shattering and cracking.

The fast cure times allow the user to accelerate the completion of cabinet finishing projects, leading to quicker returns to service of aircraft and increased profits for both the finishing shop and the aircraft operator. Contact us to get started.

Here are some of the reasons why your cabinet shop should switch to BluSky Armor™ clear coatings:

  • BluSky Armor™ fully cures tack-free, dry to the touch in less than 120 seconds when exposed to our LED UV-lighting. Our catalyst activates in the UV-A range (395 nm), the safest range of light in the UV spectrum.
  • The formulation acts as a self-sealing primer, fire retardant, and finish coat all-in-one.
  • It is comprised of 100% solids; there are zero solvents, VOCs or HAPs in its leading-edge formulation. Solvent flash and resulting orange peel are a thing of the past!
  • Cabinet finishing timelines are reduced from days to hours!
  • Faster finishing times result in higher throughput and increased profits.
  • Product consumption is reduced by as much as 40% – less is wasted from solvent flash and orange peel sanding. More profits!
  • Single-stage formulation is used straight out of the bottle – no mixing of catalysts, hardeners, reducers, or fire-retardants. Fewer mixing errors = higher profits!
  • Pot life is indefinite. Left-over clear can be returned to a light-proof container for use later.
  • Application utilizes existing spray equipment. No special fixtures or methods are needed.

Save Time and Money With BluSky Armor

  • BluSky Armor™ is priced competitively with current solvent-based, catalyzed, slow-curing, labor-intensive products.
  • Application requires minimal training to adopt.
  • BluSky Armor™ adheres to existing finishes and substrates. It is ideal for repairing minor scratches “on wing.”
  • BluSky is made in a variety of viscosities to adapt to any vertical or horizontal spray needs.
  • BluSky Armor™ is available in multiple sheens, from High Gloss to Satin to Matte finish.
  • Minimal capital outlay required to adopt technology. UV LED curing lamps are inexpensive and long-lasting.

There are even more reasons to switch to BluSky Armor™, but these should be plenty to get your attention. Click the images below to learn more about setting up a curing room and about product specifications.