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Carbexus® RCF/PPS Thermoplastic Sheets

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Carbexus Info. Sheet (PDF)

Carbexus® Reclaimed Carbon Fiber/Polyphenylene Sulfide Thermoplastic Sheets

Carbexus® is the latest innovation in weight-saving carbon fiber technology for integration into mass transit interiors. The material is produced utilizing proven process methods adapted from the non-woven textile and paper manufacturing industries. The system creates thermo-formable sheets that are converted into interior structure applications.

Popular Applications for Carbexus® include, but are not limited to:

  • Seating components
  • Window/ sidewall panels
  • Ceiling panels
  • Sandwich panel skins for galleys, lavatories, class dividers, closets
  • Stowage bins; bin doors
  • Misc. interior components
  • VIP aircraft decorative panels
  • Base for veneer panels
  • Flat sheets for molded parts
  • Cargo liner
  • Freight container


When compared to Nomex honeycomb core panel costs, structures made from Carbexus® sheets reduce process times by 75%.

Carbexus® sheets can be formed into 3-dimensional parts for a multitude of interior components.

Carbexus® has superb impact-resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent flex modulus, making it ideal for light-weight interior components.

Carbexus® is produced using recycled aerospace-grade carbon fiber waste. Our patented reclaim process yields pure carbon fiber that is blended with PPS fiber and converted into a form that becomes interior components.

Carbexus® is revolutionary technology that potentially will change the way that many interior components will be made in the future.

Carbexus® fully complies with all FAA flammability specs for

  • Vertical Burn (12 & 60 sec)
  • Smoke Density (< 10 Ds)
  • Toxic Gas Emission
  • Low Heat Release
Our process is a “cradle-to-cradle” solution, rescuing scrap aerospace carbon fiber from the landfill and returning it to the interior of a mass transit vehicle for a safer, lighter and “greener” part.

Carbexus® Performance Data

Carbexus® outperforms commonly available thermoformable aircraft interior sheet materials in most every category of physical testing. Its impact resistance is hundreds of times that of the competition; tensile strength is over 30% higher than the next-highest performer; and its low specific gravity offers potential weight and thickness savings for the interior component producer and end-user.

For more information, please call SASCI Aerospace Technologies at 336-345-1149.


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