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Specialized Products for
Aviation/Aircraft Interiors
by Spectra Interior Products
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Aircraft Hard Flooring

Spectra Products
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Wide Range of Aircraft Interior Decoratives
Spectra Interior Products
Call 336-794-3030

In addition to woven textile floor coverings for the main cabin and cockpit, airliners also require hard-surface flooring for entry, lavatory and galley areas.

To meet these requirements of our customers, FlightFloor™ has been developed after close cooperation with leading airframe manufacturers, airlines, international aviation experts and scientists.

Aircraft Custom Murals & TapestriesFlightFloor™ Highlights:

  • complies with FAA and JAA smoke and flammability requirements
  • easy to install, requires little care, and is puncture-proof, which means low cost of ownership and long service life
  • non-skid and non-stumble properties make the product very safe, even with water exposure
  • low-shrinkage ensures a snug fit around monuments and along seams during the life of the installation

FlightFloor™ is available in various product qualities, and offers various designs and color options. Call us today for a sample and quote for your next galley and lavatory flooring installation.

DURUG AirStair Flooring

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